Important metrics Facebook

  • Reach: people who saw my content. 
  • Impressions: How many times the content is viewed could be more than once.
  • Ad fatigue: ROI drops, and impressions are much higher than reach. What to do here? 

#1 Change creatives and ad-copy. How? Duplicate ad and change one variable you want to test. 

#2 Adjust ad-set targeting and test. How? Copy or duplicate an ad set that isn’t performing and try a different audience. You can change everything according to your audience down the funnel or select use existing post and enter the post ID to use the exact same ad as your original. 

#3 Choose an alternative campaign objective to reach a new segment. 

#4 Replace your offer. Completely change the offer you present. How? Do the same as #1, but everything is entirely new. 

  • Ad relevance score: How good your ad is scoring. You can use Facebook tables to check every outcome per ad. 
  • Evaluate engagement: more engagement leads to more organic reach and is more likely to show in the algorithm. 
  • CTR: People who click links. 

– The average CTR on Facebook is 0.9%
– The average CTR on Twitter is 1.51%
– The average CTR on Linked-in is 0.26%

  • Bounce rate: How many people are leaving? It gives you an idea what type of content you should be sharing. 
  • Conversion rate: most important metric! How much money do you make and is it all worth it. To calculate divide number of conversions / number of ad interactions. 
  • CPC: Cost of conversion, is it sustainable to invest more. 
  • ROI: Return of investment.

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