The one-hour blog content plan to start an audience

Define a blog’s value proposition (who do you help?) and purpose (why do you exist?)


What kind of change do you want to bring? Think and reflect on your readers before and after they engage with your content. What will change for them? 


  • What are your readers going through?
  • How do they feel?
  • What do they think?

Define categories

It helps change the way how readers think and feel, it organizes the content. Individual categories are also  known as buckets. You can have up to 7 buckets.

Break categories even down into subcategories or topics to become more of an expert. Also called expert method. 

Get to know your prospective readers

Spy on them, creep on them, and get their information and data as much as you can in an ethical way. Check out other blogs or social reactions. What is your audience talking about? What are their dreams and desires? 

Engage with your audience. Write open-ended questions to motivate people to speak and engage. 

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